Cardio Fix a.k.a. This is Painful

This hurts to put up. But I am sick of being out of shape, so here it is. Day 1 of Cardio Fix with my friend, neighbor, and sister wife, (& Beachbody coach), Kristilynn. We did yoga right after this. And I can barely walk.

A little background….I weighed 110 almost my whole life. Then I hit my mid-forties and BAM…peri-menopause put a stop to my quick metabolism. I gained 50 pounds and stayed at 160 for about two years, feeling disgusted with myself, but to lazy and uncommitted to do anything about it.

Then a new neighbor moved in who was very successful at losing weight. After forcing her out of the house (there was a her-dog-killed-our-guinea-pig incident that forced her back in for a few days, but we got her out again), we’re inseparable, along with our other neighbor. The goal is to work out together every day, but sometimes alcohol wins.

Because of these girls, I am on my journey to being physically fit. They’re my biggest cheerleaders and best friends, and I’m so lucky to have them in my life.

Okay, enough mush and procrastinating. On with the horror, I mean video.

(Weight 157.2 & there was some healthy orange drink mixed in there)

Handling a Slip-Up Like a Mother Hucker

I came home from my neighbors house today and accidentally-on-purpose binged on Doritos and M&M’s. It was like something took over my body and could not stop myself. Mostly because I didn’t want to. Until I started feeling sick. Then I forced myself into the shower where I silently shamed myself and decided to give up on being healthy for the rest of the day.

Because that’s what the Old Me does.

Vegan and ate Doritos? You shithead, now you just have to start over tomorrow. But instead I decided to start from where I was. So I ate Doritos and M&M’s? It sucks but it’s not the end of the world. I can just pick up where I left off and keep going.

This is major for me. It’s so much easier for me (and anyone, really) to just give up all together. And, not only did I commit to eating clean the rest of the day, but I’m going to do yoga with my neighbors. And the yoga part I really wasn’t going to do, since I feel like crap after eating all that junk.

But yoga is just what I need.

*Footnote: We ended up not doing yoga, but having a glass of fizzy alcohol instead. We did laugh a lot, which I’m sure worked our abs.

So there’s that. 15283909_1837947249757318_3263638275097886935_n


So You’re a Writer. Big Deal.

I’ve been writing forever. And if and when most people do ask about my writing, it’s usually with a glazed look in their eyes, hoping my answer will just be something like, “Good,” so they can move on with the conversation.

And you know how we writers are. Give us an inch and we’ll tell you all about why our mc avoids stepping on grass, or Continue reading