So You’re a Writer. Big Deal.

I’ve been writing forever. And if and when most people do ask about my writing, it’s usually with a glazed look in their eyes, hoping my answer will just be something like, “Good,” so they can move on with the conversation.

And you know how we writers are. Give us an inch and we’ll tell you all about why our mc avoids stepping on grass, or why she named her dog Wayne Newton. I’m always dying to talk about writing to anyone.

Unfortunately, not many people want to listen (unless they happen to be writers, too).

There are certain people I know who have really good ideas. So I know if I say to them, “Let me tell you what I’m working on, I need some advice,” they’ll be all over it with fresh ideas.

The biggest thing that’s happened to me writing-wise so far, is that I co-wrote one short film and wrote and directed another. The first one played at a film festival in town and the second at a local theater and also a bar-type place. I was thrilled to watch them both on a big screen.

My dad and his wife came to the film festival and watched. My girlfriend and her husband came to the second one to watch. I felt like I had a feature premiering in Hollywood. It was really exciting for someone like me, who has a very hard time finishing any writing I start.

Honestly, I felt pretty bad at the time that none of my other family members were even interested in coming. Didn’t ask to see the films or even care how the film festival went. It hurt a lot. But, as my husband pointed out, what’s important to me isn’t necessarily important to other people. Personally, I think if you love someone you share in what’s important to them, but I must be in the minority here.

I’m totally over that stuff now. Although, I’m in no hurry to tell anyone what I’m working on anymore, unless I know they really want to know.

How about you? How do your friends and family respond to your writing dreams?


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