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What is an Angel Card Reading?

Angel Card Readings are intuitively guided readings that will give you a new perspective on a situation you’re currently dealing with. It will empower you to get a better understanding and control of the issue.

God, the Universe, Source, the Divine, etc. is constantly giving us signs to help us, but we don’t always notice them (or we do and chalk it up to coincidence).

You have free will to do as you choose, and the Angel Cards are like a guiding hand. Sometimes you’ll know immediately what the card means, and other times it might take a few days before you get it.

How Does it Work?

As a Certified Angel Card Reader, I do readings via email, Skype, and phone. For the emailed readings,  you will receive card details and photos of each card pulled, and you can email me one time to ask any questions.

Reading through Skype and the phone are more detailed, and you will also receive photos of the cards pulled. Being a Life Coach is an advantage when doing readings via Skype/phone. We can get more in-depth about the readings and have a real conversation with what’s going on in your life.

While the cards may suggest things like you needing to delegate more in your life, or you need to detox from certain things, they are positive, uplifting cards.

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“I’ll first comment on how prompt Lisa was on my angel card reading, within 24 hours I had my reading. It was funny, right before Lisa alerted me that she was doing my reading, I had a brief moment of lightness/good feelings as if I could truly feel she was reaching out to me. The reading was fabulous, not only did she let me know what cards were drawn but she took the meaning of the card and related it to my questions. I asked her to focus on my writing, and her guidance really provided me a clear and direct path that I need to take. An excellent reading, one of the best I’ve had. I will highly recommend all of her services.” J.M. Fuller