Inspiration, Originality, & YOU!

14063085-256-k765911Did you ever see a movie or read a book and think, “Hey, I had that idea last year (month, week…)! They stole my idea!” I have two things to say about this:

One, if you don’t jump at the chance to make something when the idea comes to you, it’ll move on to someone who will. I believe when we get ideas, it’s Inpiration tapping us on the shoulder. It’s saying, “What do you think of this? Should we try it?” If you ignore it or say no, it’ll move on. If you jump at it and say yes, you’ve got yourself a new project.

The second thing is, it’s important that you know no ideas are original, but they haven’t been done yet by you.  If you get an idea and think, “Ah, it’s been done before,” think again. It hasn’t been done by YOU.

You and I could be given the assignment to write a short story about a boy who falls in a well and his dog helps rescue him. We’d think, “Well, that’s like Lassie, right?” (I’m actually too young for Lassie, but I’ve heard that’s how the stories went). My point is each of us won’t write the same story as the other. Yours might be a story about the love and loyalty between a dog and his boy master. Mine could be about an evil boy who tried to hurt his dog and ended up getting hurt himself, with the dog saving him. We both had the same rules for the story, but we wrote two totally different things.

When Inspiration sneaks up on you and suggests you two have some fun together, it’s okay to say no. But don’t say no out of fear of originality. And don’t be upset when you see that same idea come to fruition down the road through somebody else.